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Over the course of the season, membership allows you to participate in a selection of competitive and recreational leagues. In all there are five leagues to choose from.

Leagues are listed below:

Flight– competitive: teams with men and/or women in any combination
Mixed– recreational: enter individually
Ladies: enter individually, join old friends and make new ones
Club: enter individually, teams rotate every 6 weeks
Senior- recreational: come as an individual to join our daytime curlers, teams are organized for each game
Men’s Industrial –  recreational: enter as an individual or a team
Little Rocks – Ages 6-10 recreational learn to curl: Little Rocks emphasizes social interaction and fun! The participants are taught the basics of curling and practice the skills with activities and games.
Junior/ Bantams – Ages 11 to 16 recreational and competitive: Learning and extending their skill set through lessons, activities and games. Opportunities are available to meet with other Junior level teams in the Kingston area.

Learn more about the leagues here.

New Members Package

As a new member, your membership includes…

League Play: You can curl in the league(s) for which you choose.

Sparing: You can spare in any league for which you are eligible.

Social Events & Club Spiels: You can participate in all club social events and club bonspiels for the fee charged for each event. These are fun events and are a great opportunity to get to know other members that may not curl in your league. We welcome you to invite family, friends or work mates etc that may not be members to play in these events. For further information look under Bonspiels and Special Events.

Rules of Play: We subscribe to the rules of the Canadian Curling Association and the Ontario Curling Association. Please, it is imperative that you are ready to start your game on time.

Missing a Game: If you are unable to play on any given night you are scheduled, it is your responsibility for arranging a spare and informing your skip as early as possible.


Curling Ice: Access to the ice is on the lower level of the Club

Curling Clinic: Curling Instruction is available for individual or small group sessions. Please contact the club manager for information.

Clothing: Warm, loose and/or stretchy clothing is recommended. Jeans are not recommended. Please ensure clothing does not shed lint or fuzz as it could get on the ice and affect the rock’s travel.

Footwear: Clean Footwear MUST be worn at all times while on the ice. Any dirt from shoes that gets onto the ice can affect a rock’s travel. Running shoes with soft rubber soles and a slider are typically required. The Club will supply sliding tape for beginners. A slider may be purchased from the club manager. In order to ensure the best possible curling surface a Shoe Cleaner is located inside the main doors for cleaning your outdoor shoes before you enter the lobby area. Before entering the ice area use the Boot Boy, located at the entrance to the ice surface (any member will show you how this operates). There are Sticky pads in front of the door to the ice surface to further insure your shoes are clean before you step on the ice surface. Use both of these each time you enter the ice surface.

Curling Equipment: The Curling Club sells the basics, grippers, sliders, brooms, and gloves, if there is a item you’d like and we don’t have it, please see the Club Manager and we will try and get it for you. We do have “Club Brooms” which are located out on the Ice Surface for all members to use.


Member Contact: The Gananoque Curling Club uses email to notify our members of upcoming activities and events, and also to inform/ask for volunteers that are required for events. As well, all events are posted on the Coming Events Board at the Club.